The training handbook and DVD/Video, Tai Chi Massage: A Body Mechanics Course for Massage Therapists are now available for purchase.   This written and visual information can give you more ideas about effectively using your body while performing therapy techniques at the therapy table. The biomechanics are based on the Chinese Tai Chi principles of focus, posture and movement. All art illustrations and music are created by friends of the author.

The 40 page illustrated Handbook explains much of the background and history of Tai Chi. It includes drawings and descriptions of specific steps and postures that can be integrated with massage therapy techniques.  It concludes with the ancient classic, The Ten Essential Points of Yang Ching-Pu, translated by the late Tai Chi Master, H.H. Lui.  $25.00

The 50 minute DVD/Video begins with selected stances and Tai Chi form demonstrations filmed beside a peaceful lake and accompanied by beautiful music.  A massage at the table is demonstrated with visual and verbal description while integrating Tai Chi into the massage session. $35.00

***  Please add $10. For shipping and handling in the US

To order a DVD or book send your request to:
Tai Chi Massage
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or call: 864-634-3019
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  • The 40 page illustrated Handbook – $25.00 + $10 (S/H) …….  
  • The 50 minute DVD/Video – $35.00 + $10 (S/H)……..


  • Special DVD or Video and Handbook Package price – $50.00 + $10 (S/H) …..