Fees, Appointment Times and Description of Services         massage at table 001

Hours for massage appointments:

  • Monday through Saturday  by appointment.

Massage Session Description: 

  • Before a massage therapy session, an intake of medical history and current issues of the client is covered. The massage session is discussed and designed based on client indications and contraindications and reasons why they are there.  A variety of techniques are used based on the client’s comfort and needs.  The session is based in Swedish Massage modalities including effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, tapotement, stretching and range of motion;  Within these modalities client/therapist communication of the pressure and timing is suggested in order to adjust to the client’s needs and comfort.  Deeper tissue and pressure point techniques may be included in the session.  Other applications include heat treatments in the form of packs, towels and stones to help warm and relax the tissues before deeper techniques are used. Quality oils and lotions are used minimally for maximum effect.  The client may request that no oils are to be used and the session will be adjusted accordingly.  Clothing is generally removed with full body-draping for warmth and modesty.  Client may request that they remain clothed and the session will be adjusted accordingly. The environment is warm and music is available.
  • After the session the client is informed to drink plenty of water to help flush any tissue waste products out through their system.  They are advised that if they have soreness, a warm Epsom salt bath can help.  If they have an over-abundance of soreness, they are asked to call June at 864-634-3019
  • Most clients set up a regular schedule to receive massage sessions of 60-90 minutes each time based on outcomes or budget needs.  If more frequent massage is needed due to the current client issues, then that will be discussed and a plan can be set-up.


  • 30 minute massage therapy or training – $40.
  • 60 minute massage therapy or training – $70.
  • 90 minute massage therapy or training – $100.
  • Treatment Plan adjustments can be made if sessions are more than once a week.

(Note: If the client’s insurance plan specifically states that massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist is accepted, then client will need a doctor’s prescription and all insurance information provided to the massage therapist.  If it is accepted, we will file or reimburse you.)

South Carolina License #4599 
Maine License #MT68