June Lordi is available to Professional Massage Therapists for lectures, discussion groups and training classes for your group.

Some of the Topics for Massage Therapist training include:

Massage Therapy Techniques

Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists**

Massage for Athletes

Mother and Child Massage

Email or call to set up dates:  junelordi@bellsouth.net  864.634.3019


Benefits of Tai Chi Practice

  • Greater physical power results from the increased circulation of Chi through the muscles
  • Increased strength in the tendons and muscles, especially the legs and torso
  • Decreased need for oxygen and less strain on the heart
  • Efficient muscle use resulting in a more effective use of oxygen. Greater endurance
  • Greater emotional control
  • Greater control and stamina in sexual activity
  • More restful sleep and less need for sleep
  • Decreased desire to overeat
  • Improved  coordination, balance, flexibility and body awareness
  • Improved posture, alignment of the bones, relaxation and tonification  of the intrinsic muscles
  • Improved abdominal breathing
  • Increased energy level
  • A sense of peacefulness, calmness and living in the present



** Tai Chi Massage (Biomechanics Eastern style) Description 

From the moment a client enters our establishment, we begin to adjust to them as we assess their physical, mental and emotional needs.

We take such good care of them that we often forget about ourselves and our own needs – physical, mental and emotional.

By using the principles of the ancient Tai Chi Chuan forms of movement,  we as body therapists, can use a more complete approach to our work. With acute mental focus and biomechanically correct positions, we can creatively apply the techniques to keep ourselves strong and healthy and to deliver a more secure and gratifying massage to our clients.

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